For farmers and ranchers with questions about anything from precision agriculture to mobile irrigation to farm safety, Kansas State University has Web sites with an answer.

The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Web site, contains information about agricultural engineering and technology management along with upcoming events and
news about past events and student projects.

For information about the technology of global positioning systems with regard to seeding, fertilizer and pesticide rates, the Kansas State Precision Agriculture Web site can provide farmers with details about studies in those areas at

Kansas State also provides technological information about mobile irrigation through its Mobile Irrigation Lab. MIL's goal is to provide Kansas agricultural producers with educational programs
and technical assistance. The Web site has free software and media downloads that help producers with irrigation management and cropping system strategies. That Web site is

A site that provides software to help producers manage operations more efficiently is the Kansas Livestock Environmental Stewardship site, It provides livestock producers with information about waste management, links to the latest regulations as well as a search engine to help find more information.

The Kansas Environmental Leadership Program is one more way that farmers can learn about water and waste management. KELP is a leadership program designed to teach individuals  how to address water pollution problems within their community and how they can solve those problems. Its Web site is

Agriculture is among the more hazardous industries. Kansas State's Agricultural Safety and Health Program has a Web site,, that offers farmers links to farm-safety facts, hazardous occupation training, youth hazard awareness and more.

Kansas State offers information about the Kansas Agrability Project, which is designed to
assist and educate farmers who have disabilities about the ways they can continue to work in agriculture. Its Web site,, provides links to services that
are offered as well as tips for disabilities that farmers may have, to help them work better in their operations.

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