An alliance of meat and poultry industry groups has created a new Web site — Safe Food Inc. The involves pork, beef, veal, lamb, turkey and chicken industries, and is designed to respond to the documentary film "Food, Inc.," which is due for release Friday, June 12 in select markets. A nationwide release is scheduled for next week. .

The film takes a critical look at modern food production, including on-farm practices as well as corporations and manfacturers. Tyson Foods, Smithfield and Monsanto receive special focus. .

"U.S. meat and poultry is among the safest, most abundant and most affordable anywhere in the world," the Web site states. "We have achieved success through research, technology and plain hard work. Our members are large and small, urban and rural, old-world and modern, cutting-edge systems. Despite this, the makers of 'Food, Inc.' and the subjects they interview seek to paint our industries as big, bad and mechanized. They seek to prove their point though a selective use of the facts."

The Safe Food Inc Web site says it wants to "set the record straight." It includes access to fact sheets, brochures, charts, video tours and lists of third-party experts who can offer more information.