The National Pork Board presented its Distinguished Service Award to Wayne Singleton of West Lafayette, Ind. He was honored at the National Pork Industry Forum in Anaheim, Calif., March 1-3, 2007.

“Wayne Singleton’s contributions to Indiana’s and the nation’s livestock industries have been invaluable,” says Jim McKee, NPB past president. “As a PurdueUniversity educator, researcher and member of the Indiana Pork Producer’s Executive Board, he has positively impacted individuals and businesses.”

Singleton is well known for his pioneering work in advancing swine reproduction techniques. He was a pioneer in the successful use of swine artificial insemination, which allowed the extended use of superior sires and significantly improved market hog and carcass quality.

As a researcher, Singleton has authored 45 publications, written book chapters in Theriogenology, served on 45 graduate-student committees and has given his time to many industry and professional associations. As an Extension professional, he authored 51 Cooperative Extension Service publications, six videotapes and numerous other publications related to pork reproduction. He retired from PurdueUniversity in 2003, and now spends part of his time consulting.

“One of the things I admire most of Wayne is that he can get a sense of what people can do on their farms, their capabilities and their resources,” says Billy Flowers, North Carolina State University animal scientist. “If he knew people could not afford the best solution, which sometimes was also the most costly one, he'd find a solution that would work within that farm's budget and would make it work."

Flowers adds, "I have never heard Wayne say, 'We can’t do that. That won't work.' He'll always find a way to work with people."

The Distinguished Service Award is given annually to recognize the lifelong contribution to the pork industry of an outstanding leader.

Source: National Pork Board