President George W. Bush announced an agreement with the Russian Federation today that, according to National Pork Producers Council President, Jon Caspers, will benefit U.S. pork producers by increasing exports of U.S.pork and other meats to Russia.

“The Russian Federation has taken numerous actions during the past few years that have negatively impacted U.S. pork producers and others in U.S. agriculture,” says Caspers. “President Bush committed to resolve these problems and he delivered.

Specifically, Caspers points to Russia’s restrictions on U.S. poultry exports. Russia is the U.S. poultry industry’s No. 1 export market and the country's restrictions backed up the poultry supply in the United States, which hurt prices of U.S. pork and live hogs.

Russian restrictions on pork imports compounded the problem, notes Caspers.  “The agreement announced today establishes a country-specific quota that will help shield U.S. pork from dumped and subsidized pork exported by Brazil and the European Union to Russia,” he notes. “The agreement should result in the continued flow of U.S. poultry to Russia.”

Caspers also praised United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Zoellick, Chief Agriculture Negotiator Ambassador Allen Johnson, and their staff.

National Pork Producers Council