USDA’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories has provided an update on the 2009 Novel H1N1 influenza virus testing of pig samples collected at the Minnesota State Fair and the South Dakota State Fair.  
USDA’s NVSL received 57 samples from pigs at the Minnesota State Fair as well as 45 samples from pigs at the South Dakota State Fair and has confirmed that six Minnesota State Fair pig samples are positive for 2009 Novel H1N1 influenza. This figure includes the initial positive sample announced on Oct. 19. Confirmatory testing continues on six additional samples that had preliminary H1N1 positive results.  

The samples collected at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair and South Dakota State Fair were part of a University of Iowa and University of Minnesota cooperative agreement research project funded by the CDC which documents influenza viruses where humans and pigs interact, such as at fairs.

USDA will post all future suspected 2009 Novel H1N1 influenza detections on the Internet. USDA will maintain a list of all H1N1 influenza detections in swine at There no plans to conduct further testing on the original 102 samples.

Pork is safe to eat. People cannot get this flu from eating pork or pork products. USDA continues to remind U.S. swine producers about the need for good biosecurity, hygiene and other practices that will reduce the risk of introducing and spreading of influenza viruses in their herd.

Source: USDA