Agriculture Deputy Secretary Chuck Conner today announced the availability of $5 million in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) for restoration activities in 20 states. These funds will restore and protect nearly 40,000 acres of wetlands.

"This is another step towards meeting the President's wetlands initiative goal set last year to restore, improve and protect at least 3 million acres of wetlands. Through cooperative conservation efforts with federal and state agencies, private landowners and nongovernmental organizations, saving wetlands is resulting in cleaner air and water, healthier soil and improved fish and wildlife habitat," said Conner.

WRP, administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, is a voluntary conservation program that offers landowners the opportunity to protect, restore and enhance wetlands on their property. The goal of the program is to achieve the greatest wetland functions and values and create optimum wildlife habitat on every acre enrolled in the program.

States receiving the WRP funds announced today are listed below. The balance of the funds, $474,375, will be used as a contingency reserve.
State     WRP Funds
California     $250,000
Delaware     $300,000
Idaho     $56,500
Illinois     $40,000
Iowa     $125,000
Louisiana     $800,000
Maryland     $20,000
Michigan     $250,000
Minnesota     $350,000
Mississippi     $100,000
Missouri     $550,000
Nebraska     $150,000
New York     $300,000
North Carolina     $93,000
Ohio     $100,000
Oklahoma     $50,000
South Carolina     $385,000
Tennessee     $75,000
Texas     $521,125
Vermont     $10,000
TOTAL     $4,525,625

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