USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced the use of official 840 animal-identification tags, saying the tags, linked to the agency’s National Animal Identification System, offer multiple benefits to producers and the animal agriculture industry. 

The tags use the U.S. country code along with a unique identification number. An FSIS news release notes that the official tags can be used for all of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Programs, including mandatory country-of-origin labeling. The tags can also help producers participate in marketing alliances, quality assurance programs and breed registries, track performance records and recover lost or stolen animals.

“The 840 animal identification solution is an individual animal ID option with an added punch,” says Cindy Smith, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service administrator. “Not only can it improve the ability of U.S. animal-health officials to quickly respond to a disease outbreak, but the 840 AIN also helps producers simplify recordkeeping and reduce the number of animal identification systems they use. The 840 AIN is truly one number with many uses.”

For pork producers, group/lot identification is still the primary mode of animal identification for market hogs, however, breeding stock and other animals within a herd may require individual identification.

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