Russia's ban on U.S. pork continues. Just this week, USDA has released a list of facilities from which Russia will not accept pork products. This includes four U.S. pork slaughter facilities, three pork-cutting and packaging plants and one pork cold-storage facility, according to the updated certification list from USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service. The listing can be viewed by following this link.

As FSIS officials point out, these facilities will not be allowed to export pork products to  Russia as of Nov. 1:

Slaughter facilities
Swift Pork, Worthington, Minn.
Hormel Foods, Austin, Minn.
Sioux-Preme Pork Products, Sioux City, Iowa
Quality Pork Processors, Austin, Minn.

Cutting and packaging plants
Albert Lea Select Foods, Albert Lea, Minn.
Rupari Food Service, South Holland, Ill.
Amity Packing Co., Chicago, Ill.

Cold storage
Fulton Market, Chicago, IL
Russian officials came to the United States to tour meat and poultry facilities earlier this year. FSIS has the authority to re-certify the facilities, per an existing agreement with Russia, while FSIS conducts its own investigation, reports