USDA's Office of the Inspector General has concluded that there were deliberate actions by Hallmark personnel to avoid mandatory inspections of animals coming through the slaughter/processing plant.

The recently released report reviewed not only the Hallmark cattle-handling incident exposed last February. That episode involved a undercover video footage shot by an animal-activist-group agent who got a job at the plant. The video revealed severe animal-handling transgressions involving downed dairy cattle. The OIG report also examined 10 other cull-cow slaughter plants throughout the country.

The report revealed that there were specific failures by Hallmark personnel to comply with required inspections, but that nationwide there are no systemic inhumane handling failures in the nation’s cow-slaughter facilities. The OIG identified several areas for the Food Safety Inspection Service to address in its inspection procedures. FSIS will release an analysis by August 2009 to address the OIG report.

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Source: USDA