Officials with USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Veterinary Services announce that the agency has canceled a move toward requiring livestock premises owners to register their sites.

The effort started with a memorandum mandating premises registration under the National Animal Identification System for producers involved in interstate commerce as well as those involved in any of the federally regulated disease programs.

R-CALF USA, a group of cattlemen who vehemently oppose USDA's NAIS program, had demanded that USDA, APHIS-VS retract the memo, arguing it "constitutes an unlawful, final regulatory action initiated and implemented without public notice or opportunity for comment, as required by the Administrative Procedure Act."

APHIS-VS has since issued a cancellation memorandum stating, "VS Memorandum No. 575.19 dated Sept. 22, is hereby canceled."

It further states that the agency, "has established a procedure for producers who request that their premises record be removed from the NAIS databases."