The USDA has approved an internet-based security enhancement for electronic signatures of veterinarians on certificates of inspection. The approval will enhance submitting animal health certification via the internet.

The Web-based animal health system, developed by GlobalVetLink, allows veterinarians and diagnostic laboratories to more efficiently complete regulatory requirements for interstate animal movement.  The GVL system also allows state animal health authorities to track and regulate animal movement.

“Our paperless applications are easy to use, delight animal owners, and facilitate regulatory compliance for interstate and international transportation of animals,” says Kevin D. Maher, GVL president and founder. “The GlobalVetLink system is much more cost-effective and accurate than the multi-tiered paper system, which has been used for many years to track and regulate animal movement in the U.S.,” he continues. 

Accredited veterinarians with clients shipping any animals may request more information or subscribe to the service by contacting GlobalVetLink at

Source: Global Vet Link