USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack last week announced the members of the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Animal Health.  The following individuals will serve two-year terms on the committee:

• Mazimiliano Fernandez, a cattle and sheep rancher from Washington state
• John Fischer, a professor of wildlife disease from the University of Georgia at Athens
• Andrew Goodwin, a professor of aquaculture at the University of Arkansas
• Vicki Hebb, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who raises cows, calves and bucking horses
• Howard Hill, a veterinarian with Iowa Select Farms
• Donald Hoenig, state veterinarian from Maine
• Morris Johnson, a livestock farmer from Arkansas
• John Kalmey, a dairy, corn and alfalfa farmer from Kentucky
• Charles Massengill, former epidemiologist and animal health laboratory director for the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Animal Health
• David Meeker, senior vice president of Scientific Services, National Renderers Association from Virginia
• Judith McGeary, a sustainable farmer and attorney on agricultural law from Texas
• Boyd Parr, state veterinarian from South Carolina
• S. Gennell Pridgen, a small farm livestock producer from North Carolina
• Willie Reed, dean for the school of veterinary medicine at Purdue University in Indiana
• Charles Rogers, a livestock dealer and marketer from New Mexico
• Philip Stayer, a poultry veterinarian from Mississippi
• Gilles Stockton, a ranch operator and farmer from Montana
• Brian Thomas, a cattle producer from the Duck Valley Reservation
• Elizabeth Wagstrom, a swine veterinarian with the University of Minnesota
• Cindy Wolf, a sheep and cattle farmer and ruminant specialist from University of Minnesota

The committee will consider the implications of public health, conservation of natural resources and the stability of livestock economies. The committee will then advise Secretary Vilsack on actions related to prevention, surveillance and the control of animal diseases of national importance.

The committee will meet for the first time in January 2011.  A Federal Register notice will be published in the next few weeks containing all of the meeting details.