The USDA has posted its planned regulatory agenda. The agenda provides summary descriptions of significant and not significant regulations being developed in agencies of the USDA. The agenda also describes regulations affecting small entities and identifies regulatory actions that are being reviewed. The USDA invites public comment on those actions.

In the report, USDA has attempted to list all regulations and regulatory reviews pending at the time of publication. There is no legal significance to the omission of an item from this listing.

USDA's complete regulatory agenda is available online at 

Among those USDA regulations in the final rule stage include: 

- Handling of Animals; Contingency Plans (According to USDA, this action will heighten the awareness of licensees and registrants regarding their responsibilities in animal handling during emergencies or disasters and help ensure a timely and appropriate response should an emergency or disaster occur. The rule adds requirements for contingency planning and training of personnel by research facilities and by dealers, exhibitors, intermediate handlers, and carriers.)

 -Performance Standards for the Production of Processed Meat and Poultry Products

- National Dairy Promotion and Research Program

- National Organic Program: Amendments to the National List (Crops, Livestock, and  Processing)

- Farm Loan Programs Loan Making Activities

- Conservation Loan Guarantee Program

- Loan Servicing; Farm Loan Programs  

Read the full Federal Register report.

Source: USDA