In a year marked by natural disasters of almost biblical proportions, USDA has announced that $77 million in Emergency Conservation Program funds will be made available to repair damaged farmland.

Producers will be able to use the money to remove farmland debris, restore fences and repair conservation structures that were damaged by floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms and wildfires. Additionally, the funds can be used to carry out emergency conservation measures after severe drought. For land to be eligible, it must meet the following criteria:

  • If untreated, will impair or endanger the land;
  • Materially affect the land's productive capacity;
  • Represent unusual damage that, except for wind erosion, is not likely to recur frequently in the same area; and
  • Would be so costly to repair that federal assistance is or will be required to return the land to productive agricultural use.

To view a list of eligible states and estimated dollar amounts allocated per state, click here.