USDA released a draft National Animal Agriculture Conservation Framework to help address the conservation challenges and opportunities of animal agriculture.

Earlier this year, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service state conservationists worked with interested partners through their State Technical Committees to develop state frameworks to address the conservation challenges facing animal agriculture over the next 10 to 15 years.

The national framework is built on the state efforts and presents a vision for voluntary, proactive ways to foster environmentally sound and economically viable livestock and poultry production. It calls for collaboration among federal, tribal, state and local governments, producers, the public, and the private sector to commit the skill and resources needed to support environmental stewardship in animal agriculture.

The draft national framework has four objectives:

  • Help producers meet environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Assist in implementing flexible, results-based multimedia solutions.
  • Promote innovation and market-based opportunities.
  • Share knowledge and increase accountability.

The draft received rave reviews from the National Pork Producers Council.

“Passage of the 2002 Farm Bill was only the first step in ensuring that swine producers could effectively use USDA’s conservation programs to improve the environmental performance of their operations,” says NPPC president Jon Caspers. “We need this framework to make sure that the full promise of the Farm Bill is realized.”

USDA, National Pork Producers Council