National Pork Producers Council President Jon Caspers, noting the importance of securing additional market access for U.S. pork products, praised the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the free-trade agreement with Chile.

“Our future depends on expanding access for U.S. pork in foreign markets,” says Caspers, a producer from Swaledale, Iowa. “That’s why we have taken the lead among U.S. agriculture groups in coordinating efforts to get Congress to pass this agreement.

“We applaud those House members who voted for the Chile agreement,” he adds. “It will result in significant new opportunities for the U.S. pork industry. Tariffs on all pork and pork products will drop to zero immediately upon implementation of the FTA with Chile.”

Caspers acknowledges that U.S. pork producers are painfully aware of the present need to continue increasing access to foreign markets such as Chile. “The average U.S. pork producer lost money for 18-straight months prior to May,” he notes. “Although the losses were attributed largely to the hog cycle, there is no question that live-hog prices can be positively impacted by the introduction of new markets in which U.S. pork producers can compete.”

National Pork Producers Council