USDA announced Friday that it is easing its 10-week ban on imports of animals and raw meat products from the European Union after determining there was a reduced risk of foot-and-mouth disease entering the country from the EU.

The U.S. will reopen its borders to shipments of meat products from Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Imports from Britain, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Greece will continue to be prohibited.

USDA also announced it will allow a large quantity of pork from Denmark to enter the U.S. market. The meat, comprised mostly of pork ribs, arrived at East Coast ports after the ban was imposed and has been held in freezers, pending the USDA decision.

On March 13, the U.S. launched a ban on all EU raw meat products after foot-and-mouth disease jumped from Britain to France.