Veterinarians have a new tool to vaccinate against swine diseases. The University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory introduced its new early warning diagnostic system to attendees at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference.

This system allows veterinarians to electronically submit diagnostic information and access it through the Internet. Through a designated Web Site, veterinarians can view the analysis of their data and how it relates to the potential spread of a disease.

After veterinarians submit their information to the system, the diagnostic laboratories will provide guidance, via downloadable electronic maps, about the spread pattern of diseases such as pseudorabies, erysipelas or porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome, and any additional future threats. Veterinarians much receive permission from a producer before submitting information to the system.

The early warning diagnostic system was developed by Jim Collins, DVM,; Robert Morrison, DVM; Mary Thurn, BA; Kurt Rossow, DVM; and John Deen, DVM. The system is in the final field-testing phase with participating veterinarians and herd owners. New information about the program will be posted at

Pfizer Animal Health and PIC USA, a Sygen Company, both supported the development of the University of Minnesota's system.

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