Britain’s pork producers and processors have launched a major campaign to persuade supermarkets and foodservice outlets to pay them a higher price for pork. The effort is largely a result of increased feed costs and looming financial losses by UK pork producers. Without a price increase, British pork producers stand to lose approximately $400 million in the next year.

British Pig Executive Chairman Stewart Houston says, “The price rises farmers need would mean only a modest increase for consumers. (It) would move the industry back from breaking-point, so we are calling today for urgent action from the supermarkets. Pig farmers receive no subsidies and their businesses are well run,” he continued.  “We are sure consumers agree it’s worth a few pence more to help secure the future of British pig farming and uphold British animal welfare standards, which are the highest in the world.“

A Web site,, was launched to encourage consumers to register their support. The message on the newly launched web site states, “There is strong public interest in ensuring that U.K. pig farmers and processors receive a higher price from retailers and caterers for their pigs to ensure that they stay in business and that you can continue to choose British pork.”

Stewart said: “While feed costs have risen and look set to rise further, there has actually been a downward pressure on the price that farmers receive. This squeeze clearly can’t go on. Something has to be done and that is why we are calling on supermarkets and the foodservice industry to pay us a reasonable price.”