The United Kingdom has approved funding for the redevelopment of the country’s Pirbright laboratory in Surrey, according to Animal Pharm. The recommendation follows an independent report into the escape of Foot and Mouth Disease virus from the facility in 2007.

U.K.’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will provide £100 million to rebuild the facility used for animal disease research facilities.  The facility conducts research into  diseases such as bluetongue and FMD.

The financial commitment represents a major boost for animal health research in the U.K. "This is a clear vote of confidence in the world class science carried out at the (Institure of Animal Health) and recognizes the increasing threats posed by animal diseases such as foot and mouth, bluetongue, and African swine fever, which could cause massive economic and social damage," says IAH director Professor Martin Shirley.

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Source: Animal Pharm