The U.S. Olympic Committee will import lean meats for its "Performance Nutrition" program for athletes at the Beijing Olympics this summer, reports The plan is spurred on by concern that meat obtained in China might be tainted or contain steroids.

The New York Times reports that a USOC caterer tested a 7-ounce, half chicken breast from a Chinese supermarket last year and found it so full of steroids that, if consumed, it might have led to an athlete testing positive for the drug.

To address the need, USOC and Tyson Foods will partner to supply lean proteins for meals served to Olympic athletes at the U.S. training center in Beijing.

Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson said the company will ship about 25,000 pounds of proteins such as beef, chicken and pork to China prior to the games. Tyson also is working with the USOC to make "Travel Nutrition Kits" for athletes that will include Tyson pouch chicken.