At a time when more companies are considering shipping product via trains than trucks, due to high gas prices, the Midwest floods have put a glitch in those plans. Rail tracks in several states have been washed away by floodwaters.

One recent example is Tyson Foods' Columbus Junction, Iowa, pork plant. Company officials say they'll be putting more of its products on trucks, after a rail spur collapsed into the Iowa River. Tyson owns a portion of the railway bridge, which it uses to deliver product.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night when a short spur of the rail bridge collapse as workers were clearing four rail cars that were in place to help stabilize the bridge during recent flooding.

The pork plant, which slaughters some 9,000 hogs a day, had been closed for a while during the actual flood. Tyson officials report that the rail issue will not affect the overall operation of the plant,

Railroad inspectors are now evaluating how to repair the spur. 

Source: Tyson Foods,