Tyson is in the midst of a restructuring plan, which included the resignation of the Senior Group Vice President of Poultry and Prepared Foods.

The beef and pork business is also being restructured as part of a new company-wide initiative called FAST, which stands for focus, agility, simplify and trust, reports Meatingplace.com. The point is to emphasize value-added activities and encourage faster decision-making. The evaluation phase of this program is nearly complete and company officials expect to begin making more changes during the next few weeks.

James Lochner will continue to manage the division as Senior Group Vice President of Tyson Fresh Meats, but will leave Tyson headquarters to return to Tyson Fresh Meat's base in Dakota Dunes, S.D. He also will continue to oversee Tyson's commodity trading and risk-management group.

Noel White, a long-time member of the Tyson Fresh Meats management team, is the new Senior Vice President of Pork Margin Management. Chris Daniel, previously Senior Vice President of Specialty Products, is now Senior Vice President of Beef Margin Management and will oversee the buying and selling side of the company's beef business.

Jeff Webster, who is the new Senior Vice President of the newly created Tyson Renewable Products Division will handle the Specialty Products division as well.

Dan Brooks, an operations executive with Tyson Fresh Meats, will now be Senior Vice President of Beef Production Operations. His duties will include overseeing the company's nine North American beef plants and managing the company's hides and tanning facilities.

Meanwhile, Jim Schmitz, another Tyson Fresh Meats executive, is now Vice President of Pork Production Operations and will oversee the company's six pork plants.

Jerry Holbrook, a long-time sales and marketing executive with Tyson Fresh Meats, who will now serve as Vice President of Fresh Meats Field Sales.

Source: Tyson, Meatingplace.com