In April, Tyson Foods signed a partnership with ConocoPhillips to produce renewable diesel fuels from some of the food-processors' byproducts. Late last month, the Springdale, Ark.-based, Tyson formed a joint venture with Syntoleum, a Tulsa-based synthetic fuels technology company. The co-op measure creates Dynamic Fuels LLC, which will produce synthetic fuels targeting the renewable diesel, jet and military fuel markets.

As the United States' largest protein processor, Tyson will supply feedstock derived from animal fats, greases and vegetable oils. The 50/50 joint venture will build and operate several commercial facilities.

Construction on the first facility is planned for 2008, however, the site is yet to be selected. Dynamic Fuels officials are looking in the south central United States. The target is to produce about 75 million gallons of synthetic fuel a year, with production set to begin in 2010.

A report out of Tyson is that the project will cost $150 million.

Source: Tyson Foods,