Tyson is seeking short videos that tell the stories of the dedicated men, women and children working to eliminate hunger in your community. The company’s effort is in association with Tongal.com and FeedingAmerica.org,

Thoughtful, committed individuals across the country are giving of themselves and their time to keep our friends, family and neighbors from going hungry. Imagine the neighbor who has volunteered for 40 years to feed those in need without ever being noticed or recognized.  Or the child who raised money at the local mall after learning that some of his classmates were going hungry.

Tyson needs help to discover and tell the stories of everyday heroes, the Hunger All-Stars in your community.

The contest will consist of two phases. In Phase One, producers will create and submit their short films spotlighting a local food bank and the people in their communities who are fighting hunger. In Phase Two, members of the Tongal community will watch the videos to predict the winners.

Winning video producers will receive up to $2500 and a truckload of Tyson food products (35,000 pounds) donated to their local community food bank.

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Source: Tyson Hunger Relief