Tyson Foods has again extended its cash offer for IBP stock, according to an Associated Press news report. The poultry gaint says it will delay closing the billion-dollar offer until the South Dakota meat-packing company resolves issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

John Tyson, Tyson's chief executive officer, said the company is extending its offer to purchase up to 50.1 percent of the outstanding shares of IBP stock until the Feb. 20 expiration date.

Tyson reached a deal Jan. 1, to buy IBP for $3.2 billion in cash and stock. If the acquisition takes place, Tyson will become the nation's leading poultry, beef and pork processor.

In late January, Tyson extended its cash offer to IBP shareholders until Feb. 7 after learning that the SEC would review the pork and beef packer's financial records.

IBP officials remain non-specific about details of the SEC's inquiry but say the questions involve previous account filings and acquisitions by IBP.

"We are committed to finalizing this transaction," Tyson said. "However, we feel compelled to delay the close of the cash tender and filing he exchange offer documents until IBP's issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission are resolved. Until then, we will continue monitoring this situation to determine what impact, if any, the resolution of these questions will have on the financial statements and business."

The Associated Press contributed to this report