After dealing with June flooding, the Tyson Foods has it's prepared-foods plant in Jefferson, Wis., back in production. However, for 200 workers things just got worse, as the plant will eliminate their jobs. That's nearly half of the 480 jobs at the plant, which produces sliced pepperoni for pizza as well as sliced and whole-stick pepperoni and salami for deli, retail and foodservice operations.

Tyson had stopped production at the plant on June 11 due to the flood-related flow of excess water that was entering the city's wastewater treatment system. The facility eventually became flooded and remained closed for nearly two months. The Jefferson plant resumed operations on Aug. 6.

"Some of the flood damage in the plant was extensive and, after a thorough analysis, we determined it is simply not feasible to put in new equipment," Mark Odom, vice president of operations for Tyson Prepared Foods, told the Wisconsin State Journal.

Tyson tallied $7 million in flood-related charges as reported in its third-quarter financial results.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal