In May of 2000, Tyson Foods announced a commitment to feed those in need, which, in ten years, has made the company a corporate leader in domestic hunger relief.  During the past decade, Tyson has led the U.S. protein industry by donating more than 76 million pounds of Tyson products to hunger and disaster relief, in addition to engaging its own employees, customers and communities in the fight against hunger. 

In celebration of the company’s ten years in hunger relief, Tyson Foods will donate more than one million pounds of food during the month of September, which is national Hunger Action Month.

“Since 2000, hunger relief has become a significant part of our company’s culture,” said Tyson Foods president and chief executive officer, Donnie Smith.  “We have donated food in 48 states—including the ones where we have plants—in the past ten years. I’m proud of the way our Team Members have responded in their own communities.  We will continue to fight domestic hunger as we go into our second decade of action.”

Tyson Foods has established partnerships with the most important and well-recognized hunger relief organizations in the U.S., including Share Our Strength, Feeding America and Lift Up America. 

Tyson Foods has worked diligently to actively engage its 117,000 Team Members in the fight against hunger. Powering the Spirit  is the company’s internal program in which Team Members raise money for hunger relief. Seventy-five percent of the money raised goes directly to hunger relief programs in the communities in which it is raised.  Twenty-five percent goes to Share Our Strength.  In five years, Tyson Team Members have raised more than $350,000 in a diverse array of fundraising activities.

During 2010, Tyson Foods has been active in advocating for strong reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, which funds school lunch programs—the nutritional lifeline for more than 12 million children at risk of hunger, whose primary meal of the day is eaten at school.

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Source: Tyson Foods