Triumph Foods has decided to move forward with plans to build a pork-processing plant in East Moline, Illinois.

“This is good news for pork producers and the pork industry in Illinois,” says Jim Kaitschuk, Illinois Pork Producers Association executive director. “The Triumph Foods plant will continue to help sustain the QuadCity region, pork production in Illinois, and that it will be seen as a respected business in the years to come. We commend Governor Blagojevich and his administration, as well as the many local efforts that helped this proposal become a reality.”

The pork industry currently contributes $1.9 billion and 18,500 jobs to the Illinois economy. The Triumph Foods processing plant will add additional economic contributions to the Quad City area, as well as to the state economy.

“Illinois is fortunate to have several other pork processing plants that are considered assets to their community,” says Kaitschuk. “IPPA has maintained a good relationship with these existing facilities and plans to continue to foster those partnerships.” 

Pork processors must meet numerous environmental regulations to build and operate a facility, notes Kaitschuk. The Triumph Foods plant, just like a plant in any other industry, must meet strict state and federal environmental guidelines to regulate the emissions from the facility.

“There has been much misinformation circulating about perceived negative impacts of a pork-processing plant,” says Kaitschuk. “Just as pork production technology and techniques have improved over the years, so have the technologies used in pork processing. Modern plants such as the proposed Triumph plant have adopted innovative, automated processes to eliminate odors and ensure environmental quality.”

Illinois Pork Producers Association