The Agriculture Coalition for Trade Promotion Authority today released a letter to Congress signed by 95 groups– further evidence that momentum is building for a positive TPA vote Thursday.

The Coalition noted that the Doha Declaration calls for substantial improvements in market access for agricultural products, reductions with a view to phasing out all forms of export subsidies and substantial reductions in trade-distorting domestic supports. The Declaration also called for an expeditious schedule for carrying out and concluding trade negotiations.

To meet the deadlines, the negotiations will have to move forward in earnest early next year.

"TPA legislation, therefore, cannot wait another year or more for additional debate without seriously damaging our trade negotiating interests," the Coalition letter said.

The Agriculture Coalition for Trade Promotion Authority represents food and agriculture groups dedicated to passing legislation that would grant the President Trade Promotion Authority. It is co-chaired by the National Pork Producers Council and Farmland Industries.

The National Pork Producers Council.