Until two years ago, Lisa Lee Freeman had spent her career at Consumer Reports magazine telling readers how to save money shopping online for flowers and how to choose a long-lasting lipstick. But this week Freeman turned up on NBC’s Today show to talk about organic food, and the segment contained a lot of misinformation.

Freeman is now editor-in-chief of ShopSmart magazine, and she appeared on the Today show to help consumers sort through supermarket labels and know when to pay extra for organic foods. Freeman started the segment by implying that organic foods are the only foods regulated by the government and then went on to claim that "in many cases organic foods are safer, they're more nutritious, and they're always better for the environment."

Although Today show reporter Amy Robach pointed out that organics "always are more expensive," Freeman says when it comes to meats; it's worth the extra cost. Freeman suggested most animals are fed "...slaughterhouse waste, which could cause 'mad cow disease'" and went on to assert that organic meat is "better for the environment, safer for your health. You're not going to get 'mad cow disease' eating organic."

ShopSmart magazine is a sister publication of Consumer Reports, which claims to base all of its information on expert research. Both publications are products of the consumer advocacy and lobbying group Consumers Union, which is notorious for disparaging U.S. beef safety standards, especially those applying to BSE.

The Center for Consumer Freedom, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices, said, “It may be time for Lisa Freeman to return to rating toasters, test-driving minivans, and protecting her fellow citizens from unscrupulous vacuum-cleaner warrantees. Let’s leave food safety to the experts, shall we?” 

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