With spring field work just around the corner it’s a good time to make a renewed commitment to farm safety. 

Farm Bureaus across the nation have designated March 5-11 as Agricultural Safety Awareness Week through the Agricultural Safety Awareness Program. The theme this year is, “Stepping Up to the Plate for Farm Safety” and involves baseball Hall of Famer, rancher, and Farm Bureau member, Nolan Ryan.

The goal of the program is to remind producers that, in the rush of completing tasks on their farms and ranches, they need to take time to act safely and to repair or replace safety devices that protect them, their family members, and employees from injuries and fatalities.

The annual event also recognizes the rich tradition of our farming and ranching culture in producing the safest and most abundant food in the world, and the involvement of all members of the farm family in age appropriate tasks.

“Like passing the love of sports from generation to generation, farm and ranch safety can be passed from grandparent, to parent, to child and back again,” said Ryan. “Everyone wins with safety!”

To learn more about the program, visit www.AgSafetyNow.com.

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids supports the efforts of the Farm Bureau Safety and Health Network in promoting this week long awareness campaign. You can learn more about safety for kids at www.fs4jk.org or www.agsafetynow.com.

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