Sygen International, formerly PIC genetics, announced the approval of three new patents related to genetic markers, further expanding the company’s PICmarq technology.

The first of the three patents, obtained in the United States, is related to a litter size genetic marker. A second patent related to litter size also has been accepted for grant in Europe. patent. The third patent has been accepted for grant in Europe and relates to the determination of coat color, to ensure the occurrence of white pigs in markets where this product is preferred.

Litter size genetic markers are used as selection tools in selective breeding and enabling producers to identify animals with a higher natural propensity to generate a more than average number of offspring.

Sygen’s current PICmarq technology platform encompasses a host of genetic markers used commercially that address the aspects of animal productivity, meat quality, food safety, disease resistance, breed identity and growth/carcass traits.

Sygen International