The American Association of Swine Veterinarians Student Recruitment Committee is seeking six U.S. swine practitioners to serve as mentors for the newly selected National Pork Industry Foundation Veterinary Internship Stipend recipients. Each practitioner-mentor is paired with a veterinary student who has an interest in swine medicine but limited opportunity to gain experience in the field.

The mentor responsibilities include meeting the student at the AASV 2010 Annual Meeting, being available to answer the student's questions about the swine industry throughout the year, and hosting the student for a one-month or longer internship in the summer of 2010.

Practitioners and students who participated in the 2008/2009 NPIF program speak highly of their experiences and the relationships they developed during the internship. C Scanlon Daniels, DVM, Dalhart, Tex., mentored Rachael Gately, and says "We really enjoyed hosting a high caliber student with the background and interest in becoming a swine veterinarian. It was extremely valuable for us to see what we do through the eyes of a student experiencing it for the first time."

If you are interested in being a practitioner mentor, please contact Jeremy Pittman, DVM, by December 31.

Source: AASV