The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture will host the annual Swine Progeny Performance Testing Program Show at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at the Pennsylvania Livestock Evaluation Center. The event will follow an intensive 12-week testing program.

The show will feature 46 barrows and gilts currently on test, including four of each Hampshire and Spotted, eight Durocs, 13 Crossbreds and 17 Yorkshires.  The testing program runs from Oct. 2 to Dec. 30, and tracks average daily gain and feed efficiency of the animals every two weeks.

Following the show, the pigs will be taken to Leidy’s Premium Pork Products for slaughter and carcass evaluation, which will provide comprehensive data and identify beneficial carcass traits.
Producers are eligible for premiums and awards at the show based on live and carcass placing.

The progeny test and show are conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council.  The program enables swine producers to improve the genetics of animals in their operations, helping to strengthen the efficiency and quality of the pork industry in Pennsylvania.  

For more information about Pennsylvania’s performance testing programs and sales, contact Glenn Eberly at 814-238-2527 or  or visit the Livestock Evaluation Center’s Web site at