Premises registration is the foundation for animal identification efforts and the key to animal traceability. Pork producers lead the way in the national voluntary effort which is critically important to quickly and effectively control disease outbreaks. Animal identification was the main topic at the 2007 Animal I.D. Expo held Aug. 28-30 in Kansas City.

“We have over 41,000 premises registered in the pork industry” reports Dr. Patrick Webb, NPB director of swine health programs. “That represents about 61 percent of the sites in the U.S. that have swine registered on the premises, so we’re making very good progress. Our goal is to hit 100 percent by the end of 2007. You need everyone that’s in the commercial industry participating”.

 “We don’t have the exact figure on how many animals are represented by our 61 percent registration level but it is a number we are working to find. It may be 90 percent- we just don’t know for sure at this point”, Webb says. “Large companies have been very progressive in getting their premise registrations submitted,” he adds.

When asked what the biggest objection to premises registration that has been encountered thus far, he names confidentiality concerns. “We want to reassure producers that confidentiality of business data means just that – confidential”, Webb says. In addition, some producers just haven’t taken the time to sign up. It’s something they know that they need and want to do but, for one reason or another, haven’t gotten it done yet. “It’s just a matter of getting producers out there to sign up, if they haven’t already”, he adds.

To help achieve the goal of 100 percent registration by year’s end, NPB has hired three regional swine ID program coordinators.  Funds for the premises registration campaign are being provided to NPB by APHIS through a cooperative agreement.