Hoffland Environmental Inc is introducing its technology to generate electricity from swine manure with the first one-megawatt facility planned for North Carolina, reports thePigSite.com.

The company is operating an electricity generating power plant on the island of Cyprus that uses hog manure as its fuel source. The company is now introducing their process/power technology into the United States with the first 1.0 megawatt facility planned for near the city of Goldsboro in North Carolina.

The process, called Bio 'Lec, which is a combination of the words biofuel and electricity, utilizes anaerobic digestion of hog manure to produce a medium Btu biogas. The plant has the flexibility to handle other organic waste and silage to boost efficiency by improving both biogas and electricity output.

The biogas produced is introduced into a unique spark-ignition engine in order to generate power. HEI holds several patents in anaerobic technology and water pollution control equipment that are utilized in the process. The power output can easily be expanded to two or more megawatts depending upon the feedstock-fuel that is available.

Source: ThePigSite.com