Alltech, a global animal health and nutrition company, will begin its annual North American Lecture Tour in January, visiting various locations in both the United States and Canada. This year’s theme is “Self-Sufficiency or Sustainability: Meeting Today’s Needs without Compromising Tomorrow.”
“Agriculture is at a crossroads,” said Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech.  “We can either embrace new technology or be left behind.  It is no longer good enough to produce safe and cost-effective food.  The consumer is demanding that we look at our environmental impact and be accountable for our actions.”

The material and ideas discussed at this year’s NALT will go hand-in-hand with the topic on which Alltech based its upcoming feed symposium: “The Sustainability Principle: The Next Agricultural Imperative. Speakers joining Lyons on the lecture tour this year will be:

  • James Pierce, coordinator of monogastric research, Alltech
  • Ronan Power, director of research, Alltech
  • Karl Dawson, director of worldwide research, Alltech
  • Juan Gomez, North American product champion for Alltech

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