All food production organizations must agree upon and deliver a clear and consistent message to consumers, according to the Animal Agriculture Coalition. The group, consisting of representatives from the National Corn Growers Association, United Soybean Board, livestock organizations, government officials, industry and advocacy groups made the recommendation following a meeting held in St. Louis.

What food consumers think and how agriculture should respond were among topics discussed. “The changes that are taking place in how society views food production are potentially serious for all of us,” says Randy Klein, Nebraska Corn Board director of market development. “It’s important that we get together and agree on a common message to send to consumers.”

Max Starbuck, NCGA director of production and stewardship, says, “people have been away from agriculture for so long they don’t understand modern food production”.

Starbuck also cited the pork industry’s “

Operation Main Street
”, an intensive training program for producers that helps them spread the message about today's modern pork industry, as an excellent example of how industry groups can arm producers with information consumers readily understand.

“Crop producers and livestock producers depend on each other,” he continued. “We both need to reach out to consumers and present a united message.”

Source: National Corn Growers Association