A PQA Plus Certification Webinar will be presented in Spanish on Dec. 22 at 3:00 pm CST. Now you can offer your Latino employees a chance to be a part of the Responsible Pork Initiative.

Join thousands of responsible pork producers from around the nation in demonstrating their commitment to the health and well-being of animals in their care by enabling your Latino employees to participate in Pork Quality Assurance Plus certification programs.

“You can now certify your Latino employees in their own language to ensure their understanding and support of the industry’s efforts to maintain a safe high quality pork supply,” says Orlando Gil, Webinar coordinator. “Through the PQA Plus certification Web seminars in Spanish our goal is to have Latino employees in our industry develop a sense of social responsibility and to understand their part in quality pork production.”

To participate in the Webinar, you will need a touch-tone phone with speaker and a computer with an Internet connection. Ideal group size is 10 to 15 employees. The Webinar will take about 2.5  hours. Registration fee is $295 per location.

To register, contact Orlando Gil at  translat@mtcnet.net or (712) 240-0624 before Friday, Dec. 11 to ensure delivery of program materials.