Iowa State University announcesd the new SowBridge breeding herd education series. The subscription-based series combines electronic information viewed on computer with live oral presentations via phone and will consist of 12 monthly programs beginning in October.

"We've selected topics and speakers from those associated with sow unit production, including new technology, research, and management techniques related to breeding, gestation, and farrowing management," says Ken Stadler, ISU animal science associate professor. “Owners, managers and employees of sow units will find the content helpful,” Stalder adds.

The method of delivery for these sessions allows subscribers to enhance their knowledge and operation’s profitability without the need to travel. Subscribers receive a CD containing each session’s presentation about a week prior to the presentation’s scheduled date. Then, for each session, subscribers call a toll-free conference line to listen to and interact with presenters. Each session begins at 11:30 a.m. Central Time and lasts for 45 minutes. Internet access is not required.

Registration by Sept. 24 is required in order to participate in the first session. Cost for participating in this series of 12 programs is $250, which provides access to one phone line. Stalder, who is the Iowa contact for SowBridge, said a single registration can be used to reach a number of people.

"We encourage farm managers and owners to enroll in this program and invite several of their employees to take part over the noon break through use of a speakerphone and computer projector," Stalder said. "This program will promote interaction within the group afterward, stimulating discussion on how subject matter presented during the session affects them and their operation.”

A  brochure including subscription information is available on the IPIC Web site.  Iowa residents who want more information can call Stalder at (800) 808-7675.

Source: Iowa State University