For accurate sow feeding, a body weight estimate is a must have. K-State Swine Research and Extension has developed a method to make accurate sow weight estimates quick and easy for producers.

A “flank-to-flank” measurement with K-State’s newly-developed cloth tape can be used to quickly estimate sow weights. The flank measurement is taken immediately in front of the back legs from the point of one flank over the back of the sow to the point of the other flank. Each section on the tape corresponds to a weight group. Based on weight, you can more accurately determine the amount of feed to provide.  

Once you know the sow’s weight group, you can then use the information available at the ASI Web site Because body weight is important in determining the daily feed allotment for each sow, it is essential that a high percentage of sows are measured for estimated body weight.

The K-State Sow Weight tape is available for $5.00 each by contacting Lois at 785-532-1267 or by e-mail at

Source: Kansas State University