The Russian government has suspended imports of all meat from Mexico as well as Texas, California and Kansas shipped after April 21 on fears of the spread of swine flu. In addition, China has banned pork imports from Mexico and the U.S. states of Texas, Kansas and California

The Russian suspension also applies to pork shipped from Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Florida after April 21. Russia also suspended imports from the nations of Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador.

Other U.S. trading partners are following suit. Thailand also has suspended imports of U.S. and Mexican pork and set up scanners at Bangkok's main airport to check arriving passengers for signs of swine flu. Philippines officials have ordered stricter monitoring of all its ports to block entry of hogs and pork from the United States and Mexico.

Indonesia has temporarily halted imports of pork, though media reports were unclear as to whether the country is banning all U.S. pork or just pork from certain states. Jordan, meanwhile, has banned imports of all types of meat, including pork, from the United States and Mexico, according to Deutche Press-Agentur.