The Agricultural Carbon Sequestration Standard Committee continues to work on a tough assignment. So far, the committee has held two meetings, the lasted of which involved presentations from noted USDA scientists on carbon sequestration and other related activities.

Three scientists gave presentation to the group to provide the latest information from their field experience and research.

  • Alan Franzluebbers, USDA ARS in Watkinsville Ga.
  • Jerry Hatfield USDA/ARS at the National Soil Tilth Laboratory in Ames, Iowa,
  • Mar Liebig USDA/ARS - NGPRL in Mandan, N.D.

Reports from sub-committees appointed at the group's first meeting included: permanence/duration presented, by Dave Miller of Aggregate; quantification and eligibility, chaired by Patrick Splichal of SES; verification, chaired by Chris Carl of Tera-Vista.
At the most recent meeting, new sub-committees appointments included:definitions, outreach and advisory board.

Chief writer, Beth Hayden of B. Hayden Consulting, worked with the sub-committees on wording and content of the standard.

“The group has grown due to the interest in sequestering green house gases in the soil and in developing soil-based carbon offset methodologies and systems that can be standardized and validated. We expect that the standards will then become broadly accepted,” said Gary Delong, Novecta's Managing Director. The standard development process has brought together parties from Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, who are currently working on similar validation methods to the US standard.

“As we continue to make great progress on this standard we invite other groups and individuals to join as observers of the process and to review the draft standard and provide input to the committee,” said Delong.

The standard committee was formed in August to create an industry-wide standard for validating carbon offsets resulting from soil carbon sequestration of greenhouse gas emission reductions at the soil interface. The committee has grown to over 40 committee members and observers from leading agricultural businesses to members of the carbon industry including aggregators, verifiers, exchange traders, soil scientists and others interested in carbon measurements. The group is being facilitated by Novecta.
Source: Novecta