When photos of Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps surfaced using marijuana the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals jumped on the bandwagon. PETA is considering the option of launching a campaign playing off of Phelps’ fall from grace.

Phelps admitted to the incident, apologized to his fans and tried to fade from the public spotlight. But the folks at PETA had no intentions of letting the issue fade. The group says that while smoking pot is troublesome, they argue that “the hazards of ingesting pot roast are perhaps more worrying.” Word is that PETA is contemplating a billboard campaign, “Say ‘No!’ To Pot Roast.”

PETA officials say, “No one knows if marijuana is addictive (although some people swear it is), but eating meat sure seems to be. Witness all the grownups who can't even contemplate ‘giving up meat’ even when they are fat, impotent and at risk for a heart attack. And these are the same people who say that they love animals but go right on causing them immense suffering. Maybe Michael will see our billboard and abandon the pot roast, too.”