Smithfield Foods is dealing with African swine fever on two of its farms in Romania, and it will cost them dearly. Company officials estimate a $4 million to $5 million price tag.

A week ago, Romania's Veterinary Health Authority identified ASF on a Smithfield production site near Cenei. More than 20,000 pigs have or will be euthanized and the site cleaned up.

This week, a Smithfield farm in southwestern Romania, near the Hungarian border, has reported the second case of ASF. More than 16,000 pigs will be euthanized on that site, according to company officials. Tests at additional Smithfield farms in the country have been negative.

Officials in the country's Veterinary Health Authority expect more outbreaks to surface. "There are other farms that do not have all of the health authorizations and do not respect" animal and environmental safety rules, said Radu Roatis, head of Romania's Veterinary Health Authority.

He said the Smithfield farm did not have an animal-health certificate or one attesting to environmental standards, which is required by law. Smithfield is Romania's largest pork producer in the western portion of the country, with 25 farms and a $1.1 billion (U.S.) investment.

These two outbreaks mark the first ASF cases in the country since 2003.