The saga continues. This time the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are demanding information from Smithfield Foods about the company's animal welfare program.

PETA, which owns 180 shares of Smithfield stock, plans to submit a shareholder resolution that would require the company to provide details about its "animal welfare management system." The resolution would have to be approved by a majority of Smithfield stock shareholders at the company's annual meeting this summer.

In response to consumer concerns, Smithfield is promoting it’s animal welfare program, but not providing proprietary details. That’s where PETA has a problem – the group contends if Smithfield wants to be a model for the industry, it should give more details about the program, including audit results.


Smithfield continues to review and refine it’s policies, but doesn’t anticipate coming to terms with PETA on most animal welfare issues. Therefore, the company will continue to target its message for shareholders and customers.


The Daily Press