A JBS-Swift hog slaughter facility was temporarily shut down by USDA officials after an alleged insufficient animal stunning incident. The action occurred last week at the company’s Worthington, Minn. plant. Slaughter was halted for 14 hours when a hog passed the kill line but did not die, according to media reports that quoted truckers waiting outside the plant.

Amanda Eamich, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, told Meatingplace.com the problem was caused by insufficient stunning of at least one animal.

Meanwhile, truckers were frustrated because they were forced to wait with hundreds of pigs in 90-degree heat and drive around a nearby lot to prevent the animals from overheating. Swift employees also sprayed them with water to try to keep them cool.

Eamich said the 14-hour time period was necessary in order to ensure that the plant, already under heightened FSIS scrutiny for similar violations earlier this year, was taking steps to address the problem. "We do not allow a facility to resume operations unless we're confident that their corrective plan is adequately addressing our concerns," she said.

Source: Meatingplace.com