What would you do if you had good, fast-growing pigs that are seemingly healthy, dropping dead? Pfizer Animal Health announces the fourth scenario for its “Virtual Walk the Pens” simulator. In the latest assignment, pigs are unexpectedly dying. Each choice you make will affect the 2,400-head barn and overall profitability.

The simulator is an online educational tool that can be played from any standard computer and is intended to help demonstrate the importance of Individual Pig Care. The competition continues to grow with 1,215 players contending for the best monthly and overall scores. Individual and Farm System scores can all be viewed on the Web site as well. 

“The different scenarios have proven to be challenging but all of the players are stepping up to prove their knowledge of Individual Pig Care,” says Eric Farrand, Pig Husbandry Team Manager, Pfizer Animal Health. “We hope that the assignments help players identify and improve how they react to these types of situations in real life as well.”

Connect to the simulator.

Source Pfizer Animal Health