The Sierra Club has declared war on “factory farms and their companion enterprises.”

Sierra Club members spent the past two years pouring over state and federal documents to create a comprehensive list of environmental violators. The list doesn’t just pick on one industry, it contains the names of concentrated animal feeding operations — individual dairy, beef, pork and poultry operations —as well as the names of meatpacking plants and any other processing facilities associated with animal agriculture whose actions have polluted waterways and damaged the environment.

Called the “Rap Sheets on Animal Factories” the environmental group posted the names of all violators on its Web site. You can see the list at

At 700,000 members strong, the Sierra Club says the goal of the campaign is to force CAFOs and their companion corporate enterprises to clean up their act. Ultimately they would like to put a stop to CAFOs, but the group says its first step will be to call for a moratorium on new CAFOs, phase out government subsidies to CAFOs and to implement and enforce tougher regulations.

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